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Nice white teeth 

What makes a nice set of teeth?

It depends on the face and the personality. Put the wrong set of teeth in a face and the whole look is ridiculous. There's a range of shades and shapes that are inherently correct - and therefore a range that are inherently wrong. Teeth that are too dark give out the wrong message, but so do teeth that are too white. Dentists who style themselves "cosmetic dentists" often fall into the trap of either whitening teeth until they have absolutely no optical character at all, or to crown or veneer them with porcelain that's just too white.

The aim ought to be to make other people say "that's a nice set of teeth"-  not, "who did your crowns?" Admittedly, it does suit over-plumped lips and a face that can't express itself because it's full of botox, but we'd rather give a smile that looks genuinely attractive. It's an artform, and every smile should be different. We'll tell you the honest, brutal truth - and if we don't think you'll look good, we won't do the treatment - at any price.

The photo at the top of the page is a good example - the upper canine teeth have had some gentle recontouring (trimming) to give the impression they've been tipped inwards a little.  And if we ever practice what we preach, we should do it for our family - that's my daughter! The result is stunning, so she gets compliments all the time - AND the teeth haven't been butchered.


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