Since Mike Fuller established the practice in 1988, we've always strived to produce an environment that's not like a dental practice.

You'd never believe it to look at the outside of our little building but we're a three surgery practice, two downstairs and one upstairs with two waiting areas.

Our car park has two large disabled car parking spaces plus a dedicated space for motor cycles and pedal cycles. Access into the practice for wheelchairs and the less able is simple.

In addition, we've 15 full size parking spaces that were specifically designed to be oversized - nobody wants to come back to a ding in their new car from somebody else's car door, particularly if your car cost a fortune to buy.

(We couldn't resist recording this - the Rolls Royce and the Bentley aren't worth as much as the van! The van has a 3D CT scanner in it worth half a million pounds!)  Don't be put off by the posh cars - ironically we staff probably drive the worst cars seen in our car park!

Our gardens are landscaped to allow visitors to sit outside on sunny days, whether in the shade on our decking or in full sun in our garden.


Little things mean a lot -

  • Air conditioned surgeries and reception area

  • Fresh tea and Nespresso coffee while you or your friends and family wait.
  • Fast Free WiFi access and use of iPad while you're here.
  • We DON'T have televisions in waiting areas - this is a deliberate choice.
  • Portable hearing loop for assistance with hearing aids.

  • Braille signage - if you think you could make good use of our DYMO Brailler, just ask. Our Practice information is also readily available as an audio CD or in large font if needed. If needed we can also access translation services.

  • Reading glasses - there's nothing more annoying than leaving your glasses at home! And if you enjoy a read we have a mini library of books ranging from local history to humour - and let's not forget about up to date magazines! Old, grubby magazines are unpleasant, so if you find reading matter in our waiting areas that's old, it's because it's been bought as an antique.
  • Proper, spotlessly clean, disability equipped toilets with full baby change facilities. And if you arrive without nappies, we keep a stock of them, plus wipes and bags. How about paper toilet seat covers?

  • We subscribe to the Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative, so mothers are welcome to breast feed here and we are happy to find a comfortable, private place for you.
  • Regularly disinfected childrens' toys and books

  • Nintendo GameBoys for the kids
  • Noise cancelling Bose headphones to reduce that dreaded noise!
  • Electronic pH meter to loan out so that you can work out which drinks are bad for your teeth.


  • We are latex free - there are an increasing number of people who are allergic to natural latex. One theory is that dentists may be implicated because we're the people in your body cavities (!) most often wearing gloves. Here at Hesslewood Lodge, we've consciously used only latex free gloves made of nitrile or vinyl  for the last ten years. It adds significantly to our costs but you have the reassurance that we're not sensitising you to latex. We also use local anaesthetic cartridges of the only brand which is latex free. The final part of the latex jigsaw is dental dam, used to isolate teeth from the rest of the mouth - we now use latex free dam. This costs us significantly, but neither you nor us want anyone to have an allergic reaction due to natural latex. Follow this link to learn more about latex allergy.


  • In addition to our usual small x-ray machines we have panoramic x-ray facilities to take full face x-rays.

  • In house laboratory equipment to allow us to make urgent models, gumshields and splints or to re-polish dentures. The ability to cast our models in house also makes complex dentistry more accurate.
  • Real time video microscopy, to allow us to demonstrate and record your own live plaque to you on TV screen - not for the faint-hearted

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