Hesslewood Lodge Dental Practice - over 28 years

The Practice originated in 1988, when we opened in Anlaby, Hull. Initially we were an NHS practice, but within three years it was apparent that the way we wanted to do dentistry was incompatible with the NHS and in 1991 our adult patients converted to the practice scheme, Denplan. At that point we were Denplan's record holders for rate of conversion for three months running!

Eventually we elected to move our Practice Scheme to DPAS. DPAS was set up by three of the four original Directors of Denplan - they had the same mindset as us and we've had a very happy relationship with them for many years now.

We rapidly outgrew the premises we were in but we were tied into a lease up to the end of 1999. We were amazed to find our present site unoccupied and grasping the first opportunity, we moved the two and a half miles to our present site in Hessle, opening on Millenium night. It was scruffy. The car park and landscaping were poor, but we've worked continuously to improve it for over 15 years. These days we open our gardens for charity Open Gardens each year and receive very positive feedback.

It's no accident that we're here. We researched the site in detail before electing to move here. Transport links are exceptional - we're perfectly placed for travel in any direction. Even Leeds is just an hour away with a very easy M62 drive. It's no coincidence that we're here. The travel links are superb. 

Hesslewood Lodge, Hesslewood Lodge Dental Practice, Hessle

Our building is a little stunner, but it's surprisingly large inside. Built in 1840, it was originally the gatehouse to Hesslewood Hall - hence the name of the practice. Hesslewood Hall was the home of the Pease family, a well known family on the east coast. It's of sufficient importance to be included in Nikolaus Pevsner's architectural guides as a particularly fine example of a gate house and is a Grade II listed building.

Along the way we invested a considerable amount developing the car park and we now have 14 ordinary spaces that are deliberately oversized to make life easier. We also added two disabled parking spaces plus hard standing for motor cycle parking and a dedicated place to lock up a cycle.

Our child patients converted to private contract in 2001, making us a 100% private practice. We were then joined by Penny Joseph who had been practicing in Elloughton and her chief nurse Angie. Penny worked with us until her retirement in 2007.

2010 saw major upheaval in the practice, as Mike, our founder was forced to retire from clinical dentistry due to ill health. But the practice ploughed on with him in the administrative role and guiding the practice in the original ethic.

Our annus horribilis was 2015 when we were seen as rich pickings for a potential takeover and had to fight off a very aggressive attempt at just that. However, relationships that have been established for over a quarter of a century stood us in good stead and we are still here to tell the tale! At the time of writing our future is, once again, very optimistic.

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