Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the buzz topics of the moment

Corporate Social Responsibility is growing apace as a concept in the 21st Century. We have International giants pretending to be "shiny" by pedalling an image of Social Responsibility, but are they really doing any good in the world? Or, indeed are we?

This got me thinking about the things we do for both our dental patients and our local community. What do we do?

On a daily basis our practice is used as a Community Centre by our patients. If we're not signing people up for the Telephone Preference Service to stop junk telephone calls, we're helping with advice about all manner of things.

We've a bigger place in society than just being a dental practice, so it's not uncommon to find us doing a spot of Meals on Wheels (chicken curry this afternoon!) or running an errand for someone. Why not take someone's post for them if you're going anyway? Or help someone round the supermarket when you run into them.

We're on the outskirts of the great port of Hull, so it really would be remiss of us to not have a link with seafarers. So we're long term members of the RNLI, giving every month to help keep them "afloat".

We provide significant financial and time commitment to Hull Normandy Veterans Association. We provide both financial assistance through fund raising and unpaid caring time in support of their functions and pilgrimage trips. The number of D Day and Normandy Veterans is tiny now, and they need all the support they can get.

Here they are on Pilgrimage at Jonkerbos Cemetery, near Nijmegen, Holland. That's Mike at the right hand end!

Our biggest commitment of all is undoubtedly to the Freedom Flame, brought into Hull by the Normandy Veterans Association in the name of Freedom, Unity, Liberty, Peace and above all the ethic of goodwill between nations.

Mike is Vice Chair of the organisation and drives things along as a mission to bring the world together in Peace. Mike organised the city of Hull's VE Day celebrations in 2015 after opening the 70th anniversary Dutch liberation celebrations in Wageningen, Holland. He is also the driving force behind the UK campaign to commemorate civilian war dead by use of the Marigold as opposed to the Poppy.

Mike is also a committee member of Hull and East Riding Asian Cultural Association, an organisation that brings the Sikh, Hindu and Islamic communities together with the wider community. 

Hull is actually a major European centre for osteoporosis research. We regularly support functions for Osprey, our local Osteoporosis research charity.

We also financially support our local hospice, Dove House.

We often have patients come to us and hint for sponsorship for the likes of a marathon. We take great pride in giving significant amounts in sponsorship for all kinds of causes. When you've known someone 25 years, the least you can do is support them in their charitable efforts!

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