The things people say about us, unfiltered.

As part of our registration for Care Quality Commission we're required to collect feedback. And if there are issues we're expected to act on them!

Ever since the practice was established in 1988 we've taken our feedback face to face. Our relationship has always been a very open one, so if patients wanted to raise something, they've always known they can just tell it how it is. We're great believers in the honest truth and treating others as we'd like to be treated ourselves.

The problem with this approach is that trying to get written feedback is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

In desperation, we force patients to sit down and fill comments sheets in - some take them home with them when they've had proper time to think, but here is the feedback. They've been anonymised (we keep them on file as proof they are real) but the patients are encouraged to say exactly what they think, warts and all - these comments are completely unedited and unfiltered and are in chronological order, the newest at the top. They're typed exactly as written, so don't blame us for spelling mistakes and dodgy grammar!


If you are one of our patients and would like to contribute to this resource, (warts and all) please take our Friends and Family Survey by clicking on this link, where you can contribute anonymously.

Here are the results!

" Very friendly, comfortable. Have been with this practice many years"


"First class service and treatment and friendly accommodating staff, nothing is too much trouble!"

"Couldn't ask for better treatment. Practice is extremely efficient and friendly."

"Good reliable service over many years."

"Very good service, friendly staff. Every procedure explained fully"

"Excellent practice for more than 25yr"

"It is a very welcoming surgery with very pleasant 'assistants'. I always feel that it is a personal service and nothing is too much effort, whatever the problem."

"Lovely practice. Lovely people"

"Very happy with the practice. Otherwise would not have been a customer for so many years. Very upbeat atmosphere. Always put at ease"

"Great family orientated dentist - friendly, helpful and supportive. No suggestions for improvements to make"

"Think the telephone text reminder service isn't very good - we ended up laughing at it!"- the patient hadn't given us a mobile number so the text was going to a landline and being read to her by an automated Stephen Hawkin style voice!

"Glasses that fit? Sunglasses due to intense spotlights that dentists use. Practice is brilliant - well chilled & availability of appointments good (even emergency ones)" --- The perennial problem with safety glasses! Whenever we find a type of safety glasses that suit us, they stop making them! So, I bought a job lot (dozens and dozens) when I found some good ones and some people don't like them because they fit well and touch their eyelashes! On the strength of that, I bought some more of varying styles and some don't like them - aaargh! Back to the drawing board again :-(

OUTSTANDING SERVICE! Always a pleasure to attend, nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommended"

"Very helpful and efficient staff. Excellent visit"

"No suggestions. as I find the practice staff extremely friendly & helpful & the dental care Rog and I receive is excellent. More of the same please"

"I have always found all the staff extremely pleasant and helpful, and treatment I have received has been excellent. Time has been made for me to discuss in detail any concerns. Thank you."

"A friendly, courteous + professional team! Always know the date!!"

"I have always received such excellent attention. I cannot make any suggestions or comments as the service has always been excellent"

"To be honest, nothing springs to mind. The Practice has always been improving year on year. The staff are always very welcoming. Perhaps a review of charges is overdue! :-) " - as this client said, he can see the place improve year on year. It's astonishing how much costs have climbed over the past five years - dental industry prices seem to completely independent of the rest of society!

"Always helpful had very good service. The staff try very hard to accommodate the clients"

"Happy with everything"

"Can't really complain too much about the care and service. Maybe more frequent appointments could be beneficial, however, I can see that may be difficult to achieve" (The patient had been away in Australia!)

"A welcome on entry. Receptionists, assistants to dentist all with smiles + very pleasant. Dentist is very sensitive to my feelings - a little more anxious as I get older. Always tries to put me at ease. When I have had emergencies I am always fitted in quickly. Hygienist also very pleasant. As 'nice' a dentist place as you can find."

"Everything A OK"

"A very efficient & friendly practice giving an excellent standard of care"

"Always had a positive experience when visiting the dental practice"

"Wonderful service, charming dentist, beautiful hygienist, terrific receptionists"

"Excellent treatment. Very pleasant staff, always make you feel at ease. Ive been a patient for many years. It's always been a pleasure to come to the surgery."

"Very Satisfied. Complete confidence. Personal treatment/reception"

"Always Excellent. No suggestions needed"

"No complaints. Great prompt service. Excellent staff."

"I have been to many dentists over the years but of them all nowhere have the staff been so kind or the surroundings so comfortable as at Hesslewood Lodge"

"I am very happy with the practice. Staff are friendly and helpful and appointments are arranged quickly. Treatment is fine"

"Keep doing what you're doing. It's great and always are [!]"

"I would like to commend the practice on service and sensitivity. As a nervous patient I am always made to feel at ease with everyone. The staff are always lovely and welcoming and try very hard to alleviate the nerves. I have used the practice for years and will continue. Thank you for all your patience. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you."


"Totally excellent & friendly service. Nothing needs changing - but car park could do with a new surface" - our car park surfaces drives us mad! We paid £15,000 to enlarge, landscape it and add dedicated disabled spaces some years ago and on average we add between 7 and 10 tonnes of extra gravel every year! This comment was a week after the first snowfall of 2015 and gravel surfaces really don't like snow. Ah, well - as soon as the weather picks up, we'll add yet another lorry load of gravel.

"Following our move from Hertfordshire earlier this year we needed to find a new dental practice after over 40 years with our previous one. Your practice was highly recommended by my daughter - and she was right. From the making of the first appointment, through the dental examination and the hygienist appointment all has been very positive. Everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly as well as being highly professional. We are very pleased with the whole experience. Many thanks"

"The ultimate professional dental practice - cannot think of anything that can be improved on"

"Great ethos. Great service, thank you. I know I am being well looked after"

"I have no negative comments only positive. Excellent service. Excellent staff. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for them, always on call for any concerns. Very pleased with all aspects of the centre"

"The service is excellent by all your staff and you Mike"

"Very happy with the practice + find the staff helpful + friendly"

"Great practice - made to feel at ease + team great!"

"Everyone is always very helpful + happy. Nothing is too much trouble + the dentistry is excellent"

  • "Personal service - Staff know me.
  • Appointments - if problem, I am given appointment soon - are fitted around me.
  • Staff - Friendly, open, honest (like a family)
  • Little touches - specs, magazines, drinks - waiting is an event"

"Brilliantly caring + professional + friendly!"

"I cannot recommend highly enough this dental practice. I have always been utmost care and consideration and would consider going nowhere else. I feel the experience and expertise of the whole team shine through making one confident with any professional decision made"

"I like the way that I'm greeted by name - it makes a difference. The atmosphere is always calm and under control - I can't imagine this is just by accident."

"Excellent care and attention to detail!"

"Just the nicest dental practice ever. With very nicely nutty staff!! I have no complaints whatsoever"

"The practice continues to delight us. We enjoy the ambience, the chat and the gold standard dentistry and hygiene. Retinal scan for door access is way over the top. [Wit as usual from our patients!] Just have to settle for the fact that I cannot think of an improvement"

"Simply the best! Comfortable environment and kind and helpful staff. Excellent dental care. Efficient but relaxed. Sorry, no suggestions yet for the practice that has everything"

"Excellent service and customer care (I need a lot!) Lovely environment, including grounds. Great staff. Great expertise. Many thanks"

"Always friendly, calm, understanding staff. Never encountered a problem getting appointments, even for emergency treatment. Considering my past experience with the school dentist, I can honestly say that Mike & his staff have helped me achieve my goal as I am confident and relaxed now when I attend appointments, even for treatment! Many thanks for this"

"Every visit to the surgery is always a pleasure. The staff are polite, helpful, friendly, professional and warm. Visits are always structured to fit in with my shift-work, and if I have to cancel because of a change in work commitments, it is never a problem for the staff. I would recommend my dental surgery to all my friends."

"Love the loo! Feel well looked after and confident that all will be well."

" I have found staff members very helpful and friendly. The receptionists are most efficient and pleasant (compared to my previous dentist where I wasn't treated with a lot of respect) The coffee is good!' 

"Always very kind and pleasant. Don't know of anything that would improve the service. Love you all X"

"This is difficult:- after so many years - from Red Lion Court to Hessle - the practice has been brilliant. The staff are so friendly - Leanne has been with you forever (!!) - very helpful. Frankly, no adverse comments at all. We would not go to another dentist"

"High levels of customer service, clean and very tidy! There are lots of facilities for waiting room 'waiting' with refreshments, books, music etc. I would love to be able to connect to the internet here with either WiFi or hardline, via a dedicated PC"- [He hadn't noticed our WiFi hotspot notices! We also have an iPad just for waiting room use.]

"How can I comment or criticise on perfection? That's why I come here"

"Lovely friendly staff, great with appointment reminders for us forgetful ones!"

"My husband, most of my family and myself have been coming to this practice for a long time now. The staff here are so friendly and the dentistry itself is fantastic. I have one thing to thank Mike for. That being he was the one to diagnose my husband's Parkinsons Disease - not our GP! Keep up the good work one and all"

"Excellent personal service. Advice is super, especially with the children's teeth. A warm, happy welcome every time."

"Love everything about the practice. Everyone very friendly and treat us as family"

"Very friendly and professional. Almost painless. [That's reality - any dentist who claims to be totally painless is a liar]. Good explanations of treatment. Satisfied patient for 20 years"

"Sorry no suggestions as this practice has always scored top marks in every way"

"As a family we are very pleased with the treatment and support we receive from the practice"

"Very friendly service"

"I have been coming to this practice for many years now with my family and have always found everyone very helpful, very professional and trustworthy. Nothing is too much trouble!!"

"Fantastic experience! Children really calm, great advice for looking after children's teeth"

"I have found (so far!) excellent customer service, tailored to individuals needs. Multimodal communication is evident and helpful to all. I feel the staff are supportive and fully help wherever possible. As for a suggestion, I'm struggling! Things really are pretty good. Appointment times, equipment and staff are Brillo!"

"Thank you so much for my favourite purple quality Streets, cant believe you found a box of them, so lovely of you. I have never read your blog, and in looking how to contact you, have read all this years. Brilliant! I will be reading this regularly from now.Thanks again for the brilliant service you provide,both in dentistry and personally, the world would be such a happy place with more people like you in it!" - by e-mail

"Re: Rubber Dam. Thought this was really great - no bits in mouth - would recommend it. Thank you" [As there's an increasing number of people with latex allergy, we use nitrile dam as a part of our drive to avoid using latex based materials.]

"The hygienist is brilliant as always - as is everyone"

"Very nice and polite staff, always smiling and having a chat. Always helping and giving good advice on how to get my teeth the best they can be"

"I love what you do, best dentist around!!! :-) All staff are friendly, welcoming and polite. Most people are scared of coming to the dentist, I look forward to it! Thank You!"

"Excellent Care always"

"Great place and good service. Good customer care. Very Clean"

"The personal service we receive is excellent, consideration is always given to myself (who is afraid of dentistry) my husband is blind and is always treated excellently. The disability is taken as part of the working day, all staff are great"

"After 55 years at the same practice (changed hands from the original dentists) Today I received a filling which was done no discomfort at all - a first, very very satisfied indeed"

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