The things people say about us, unfiltered.

As part of our registration for Care Quality Commission we're required to collect feedback. And if there are issues we're expected to act on them!

Ever since the practice was established in 1988 we've taken our feedback face to face. Our relationship has always been a very open one, so if patients wanted to raise something, they've always known they can just tell it how it is. We're great believers in the honest truth and treating others as we'd like to be treated ourselves.

The problem with this approach is that trying to get written feedback is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

In desperation, we force patients to sit down and fill comments sheets in - some take them home with them when they've had proper time to think, but here is the feedback. They've been anonymised (we keep them on file as proof they are real) but the patients are encouraged to say exactly what they think, warts and all - these comments are completely unedited and unfiltered and are in chronological order, the newest at the top. They're typed exactly as written, so don't blame us for spelling mistakes and dodgy grammar!


" Very friendly, comfortable. Have been with this practice many years"


"First class service and treatment and friendly accommodating staff, nothing is too much trouble!"

"Couldn't ask for better treatment. Practice is extremely efficient and friendly."

"Good reliable service over many years."

"Very good service, friendly staff. Every procedure explained fully"

"Excellent practice for more than 25yr"

"It is a very welcoming surgery with very pleasant 'assistants'. I always feel that it is a personal service and nothing is too much effort, whatever the problem."

"Lovely practice. Lovely people"

"Very happy with the practice. Otherwise would not have been a customer for so many years. Very upbeat atmosphere. Always put at ease"

"Great family orientated dentist - friendly, helpful and supportive. No suggestions for improvements to make"

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