Mouth cancer can often be spotted in it’s early stages, by your dentist during a thorough dental examination. As part of our standard examination appointment we provide a full mouth cancer check. Throughout November we are offering free mouth cancer check appointments to promote mouth cancer awareness. You will receive a thorough soft tissue examination to check for any unusual lumps, red/white patches and ulcers.

Call us now on 01482 642736 to book your appointment.

We are looking forward to being a part of the Hessle Open Gardens event for 2019

Hessle West Open Gardens.

Another successful Hessle West Open Gardens again this year. Predictions are that the events will have put over £100,000 into charities over the past 25 years!

Being the 25th anniversary of the Open Gardens in this area, we were asked to do somehting a little different, particularly as Hull is UK City of Culture 2017. So, we were asked to put on a display with Roots and Routes, one of the seasons of City of Culture as a theme.

Well, you know us. Four Olympic specification lamps containing a flame lit in 1948, that burns in just one other place on earth and the story of the wholesale slaughter of the Hull Pals on May 3rd, 1917 at Oppy Wood, France. Yes, we led the commemorations in Oppy.

We WILL remember them.

Mercury Free Dentistry!

We’ve declared the practice an amalgam free dental practice today. We’d been whittling away at the number of old fashioned metal fillings being placed and it’s now got to the stage where it isn’t worth the hassle of having the infrastructure for the odd one that was being done! One amalgam every two to three months really isn’t worth the palaver!

Quite a watershed.