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Why choose Private
Dentistry for your family?

When it comes to dental healthcare, we understand that choosing the right options for you and your family – and your budget – can be daunting.

You want to have access to a wide variety of treatments, high-quality patient care and appointments at a time to suit you. But you also have to be mindful of costs, which is why many people elect to stay with their National Health Service dental practice.

But at Hesslewood Lodge, we champion private dentistry. It offers so much more than just functional dental healthcare as there are no funding restrictions in place. This means that our dental experts have the freedom to take time with each patient as an individual, while focusing on providing the highest standard of treatment.

The benefits of choosing our private dental practice include:

• Flexibility when it comes to appointments – great for busy working people
• Longer appointment times – the opportunity to discuss your treatments or concerns
• Option to request a specialist – ensures you receive the best possible targeted care
• Choice of cosmetic treatments – these are not available on the National Health Service
• Expert technicians in private labs – bridges, crowns and dentures made by specialists

Whether you are thinking of switching from your National Health Service dentist to a private practice, or would like to know more about our range of treatments and pricing structure, we are here for you. Simply call us on 01482 642736 or contact us using the online form.